Kory's Industry Blog: Touchscreen computers

My take on all-in-one desktops with a touchscreen display:

Simple Functionality:

All in one PCs are great for mainly one thing and consumers know this: the functionality and simplicity of use. Let us face it without bashing it; people buy these all in one desktops for the simplicity and reduction of headache it takes to use because you will not have to be buying new hardware, replacing new parts, or upgrading pieces. This is good for those that do not have the time to set up their own built desktop and would rather buy something that works right out of the box. With regular computers, there is all this talk and complexity about having to upgrade your pieces like CPU or hard drives, but with these desktops, all you really have to know is the specs that come inside of it and then never really worry about the specs again unless you are upgrading your computer directly. This pro, I guess, leads to my next point:

You Cannot Upgrade:

The worst thing that I can see happening here, and which is why I do not like buying all in one computers (defined as the computers that are both a monitor, computer, and sound system in one with no distinct pieces for those specific functions), is that you cannot upgrade them later on. Everything is literally inside of the machine and, unless the manufacturer specifically built it so that you can open it up and upgrade it,  therefore causes you to have to upgrade to a completely different computer the next time you want to get a faster setup.

This can get costlier than just upgrading a set desktop. Sure, buying a pre-built (or even building your own if you are skilled enough or patient enough) and then switching out the parts so that your computer ends up being quicker or having more storage, etc, can get quite expensive, buying a whole new desktop in a few years is going to cost you way more in the long run. Plus, all-in-ones tend to cost more than the average computer or laptop for that matter.

The Best Thing About Them:

I enjoy the touch-screen interface and the simplistic design overall. Bordering the cons I talked about above, there are some clear benefits. To be clear with this post, I do own a touch screen all in one desktop setup. I also own a business PC that I use more frequently. But they both have their roles in my daily life.

The business desktop is for my everyday use; for work, for browsing, for gaming, and video editing. I use this everyday to handle everyday things. What do I use my touch screen computer on then? That is for when I want to quickly browse something or I am feeling lazy and just want to use the easy interface. It is incredibly useful when I do not want to open up my traditional computer, complete with the keyboard and mouse. I can simply touch anything I need to and get to where I want. 

Both technical setups have their pros and cons, but I do prefer the standard computer over the touchscreen one, in brief because it has more functionality. But I do see where having one over the other can help different kinds of users. I am just the type to enjoy my keyboard, mouse, and PC tower setup more.

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